By Petya Kiskinova

"One of the things money can't buy is the wags of a dogs tail" - Walter Elias Disney With these heartwarming words starts a favorite movie of mine and an all time Disney Classic, called "Lady and the Tramp". Disney dedicated dogs a movie, I dedicate an article to one special dog that will forever live in my heart and that of my family. You remember the first dog you grow up with up your whole life...

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Civil War Dog Lives On Through Monument:


The Bravest Dog of WWI:

In memory of a brave dog, Sgt Stuuby

Grieving Dog Dies After His Soldier is Killed in Afghanistan:

An amazing story of courage by both handler and dog - now bonded forever in heaven.

Paws of Freedom and Prison Inmates: Making a Difference Together:

The program ...the Warden Amazing, her staff fantastic. The men training dogs were proud, showing a sence of purpose. The training is amazing! The Va staff (Jennifer) just incredible how many hours she put in to get this going. Halifax Pound and the Veteranarians just wonderful. This is a real gift...And thanks to Halifax Kennell Association as well. Beautiful Animals. What a blessing from you all.

Hero Pit Bull Shot in Head, Saves Owners:

I have a PittBull, best dog ever. I know he would do the same for anyone in my family. Good Doggie

Paws of Freedom and Prison Inmates: Making a Difference Together:


Smokey the Yorkshire Terrier:

good boy


I am so sorry to hear of your sad loss. Sending big hugs your way. Love, Nicola


Woah nelly, how about them apspel!

The Bravest Dog of WWI:

I'm doing a research project on him and it's AMAZEBALLS!!!!!

Smokey the Yorkshire Terrier:

Smokey is a very brave puppy. I wish I could of met him. Rest in peace Smokey.

Smokey the Yorkshire Terrier:

Maybe he has enough awards already!!!! Pretty cool pooch!!!!!

Hero Dog Sage 2011:

Well done, we are all proud to have known someone as great.

Paws of Freedom and Prison Inmates: Making a Difference Together:

Dogs really are God's gift to mankind! They are the truest source of unconditional love known on the planet, and have tremendous power to heal broken hearts & spirits.

Dogs on the Titanic:

Good to know, very good accurate info.

The Legacy of Rin Tin Tin:

I have seen a movie about you! woohoo Rinty ,your doggone perfect

Ninety Pounds of Nose:

you've got a doggone good nose,i love bloodhounds

ROBIN: Superdog!:

way to go, great sniffing, your doggone perfect

ROBIN: Superdog!:

Go Robin!

POW Dog of WWII Survives Capture:

Devoted and Heroic!
By Apisara Makphet


She was a smart,loving,royal,kind and a very good dog.She had lived with my family for a very long time.We watched her grew old. 

By Linda Smith

Extrraordinary Connections

At the young age of six, however, Tucson pased on. His presence had helped many of us become better people. But when he died of a fast growing heart tumor, I felt like part of my heart was gone. I was so lost without him, but the healing did began the day the pastor of our church called to say, 

By Colleen Beveridge


I met Colleen from a Face Book contest on a page that I run, Mutt Mitts. She had won a Friday’s Caption contest and in her e-mail, she mentioned her dog Ashley and how special she was. I’ve always believed that dogs have a 6th. Sense when it comes to detecting certain things in humans and this, my friends, is living proof. Ashley’s male handler has Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and this is their story. Enjoy your read.  

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