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Hero Great Dane

Imagine a helpless woman being beaten to death by a man yielding a bloody claw hammer.  No one can hear her cries for help.  No one, that is but her Great Dane dog.  Out of the shadows comes the swift hero, throwing himself upon the abuser just as the woman is losing consciousness.  This is a true story and the crazed attacker was the woman's husband.  Continuing with the savage beating, he hurled the half dead woman and the badly beaten Great Dane dog out a second story window.  Both woman and dog absorbed many harsh blows but miraculously both lived; but where would they go? 
Shelters exist all over the country to house abused women and keep them away from domestic violence, but almost none house their pets.  Because of stories like this one of the hammer attack and the courage of the beaten woman's Great Dane, many women's shelters are re-examining their policies.  Shelters across the country are making strides towards keeping animals safe from domestic violence by building kennels, finding fosters homes for pets, and recognizing the valuable role animals play in rehabilitation.  But the shelters are housing pets in an effort to keep women safe as well.  Forty percent of battered women admit not leaving their abusers for fear their pet will suffer the repercussions.  Women recount desperate situations where they lived in automobiles, abandoned buildings, and even in tents to avoid leaving their pets in danger.  Some have even been killed because they refuse to flee a violent situation for fear their pet will be killed in their place.  Seven out of ten abusers threaten to harm the family pet when the wife does not comply with their demands. 
The story of the heroic Great Dane and it's master happened in Missouri, but this sad situation exists across the United States.  The owner of the Great Dane was housed in the Rose Brooks Center in Kansas City, which has since made strides to house pets so that women can use their facility without fear of reprisal.  The Rose Brooks Center has added seven kennels and another 25 beds since this incident happened.  At the time of the incident, Rose Brooks Center had no facilities for pets, but this dog's owner was not going to leave her beaten and broken dog alone.  The Center made an exception in her case, and so are many other shelters across the country.  We can never forget, and this story proves, dogs are often times women's best friend.

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Harsh wrote: I am so sorry to hear of your sad loss. Sending big hugs your way. Love, Nicola

cjaosborne wrote: what a great dog!

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