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Clancy is a survivor of the horrible practice of dog fighting.  Rescued at 10 years old, off the streets of South Central Los Angeles, he was scared, starving to death, covered in sores and very skittish. He was a pitiful sight.  This poor dog had had no love in his life. All he knew was fighting. 

Pit bulls are commonly thought of as bad dogs.  Even McDonalds has contributed to that perception. After five years of training, Clancy is now a Canine Good Citizen certified dog and passed his Therapy Dogs International therapy dog certification with flying colors.

Clancy now goes to schools and youth groups and attends all of the free spay/neuter clinics in Compton, working as a therapy dog to overcome a lot of misconceptions about the breed.

When Clancy goes with his handler, founder of Downtown Dog Rescue, they talk to kids about the importance of spay/neuter and dog fighting.  The kids are scared, at first, they don’t want to touch or pet Clancy with his scars and disfigured body.  Clancy’s handler speaks of how amazing it is to watch Clancy put the children at ease after a short time.  Clancy does a “daddy roll” Where he lays down on the ground and basically invites everyone to pet him and rub his belly.  Downtown Dog Rescue contributes Clancy for many adoptions. 

Clancy started life with aggression and hatred.  The odds were against him.  I believe, along with Clancy’s handler, that dogs are good; they are made to be bad.  Clancy now has the chance to be what he was from the beginning; a good dog and anyone that has the opportunity to meet Clancy will be a better person for it.  Thank you Clancy.

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JODI & TREY wrote: I hate people that treat all animals so cruel. They deserve to be loved and spoiled their whole life and cared for. I wish I could take all the animals home and give them the BEST life but I can't. People that torture animals should face a sentence of the same abuse and see how it feels. God Bless everybody that helps save these animals. Dog pounds are horrible places to and very sad. Animals never get the chance to get out of there and they die because of human stupidity and carelessness. Animals are suppose to be mans best friend and in return look what they get. Animal planet makes me cry to see the animals starved etc and still standing. Things need to change before its to late .........

Kristy wrote: What a sweet and loving person to save a PITBULL that was in that type of environment and to work relentlessly to rehabilitate it back to health and now Clancy is a proud Certified Therapy Dog....what a beautiful story and true heartfelt thanks goes to the owner for saving a PIT...if everyone had a heart like you...they wouldn't be lined up at the pound to be killed today. SO SAD, their bad rap, they've had to take - simply because they have been placed in the wrong people's hands and have been left untrained. With a little love and training NO DOG will turn on its loved ones....PERIOD!

Maria B. wrote: Clancy deserves a medal of honor for getting past the fights and bring joy and happiness to those he meets!

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